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Think Simple Academy

英文顧問 Aoibhinn McCloskey

愛爾蘭梅努斯大學 國企 & 西語雙主修 NUIM

Hey there, my name is Aoibhinn, which translates to love in the Irish language! That’s right, if you haven’t guessed it yet from the red hair & pale skin, I am from the green island of Ireland. Why am I 10,000 kilometres away from my home right now? Because I love travelling, that’s why! And I am here at Think Simple Academy to help you achieve your goals on your English language-learning journey.

While English is my first and native language, I also speak Spanish and know enough Mandarin to get by, whilst being in your picturesque country. Additionally, from my years of working in professional environments, I am perfectly proficient in the use of the English language for business use, whether that be for formal emails, conflict resolution correspondence, Curriculum Vitae (CV) writing or application writing.

Moreover, when I’m not studying International Business at my university, I am either reading poetry or books regarding human behaviour or philosophy. Although, while I do enjoy attaining new knowledge, I also love being active in my free time, as you can usually find me either playing soccer, running and cycling outdoors, practicing yoga or testing out my skills in Mixed Martial Arts training.

Sláinte! (Irish for wishing you good health)