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思構易共同創辦人Daniel, Toni, and Richard

「術業有專攻,聞道有先後」(等等先別轉台 … !!!)我們想強調的是:我們都應該謙卑的面臨未知的挑戰,你用心把時間花在哪,哪方面就會相對有成就!


在過去,我們遇到的老師可能有些奇怪的說法:下課打籃球會影響成績?打電動的小孩會變壞?上課要好好上(可是我跟老師感覺永遠不對頻?!) 但是,我們團隊的成員有些人卻是在高中就獲得很多科目「免修」的資格,來為自己騰出更多可以自主運用的時間!你或許也可以考慮嘗試看看。

或是,你過去並沒有為學業打下良好的基礎,但卻突然想拚一波看看,卻沒有適當的學習方法跟規劃,誠摯歡迎你考慮加入我們! 在這裡,我們不只教你怎麼準備考試、具備抗壓的心理素質、準備科學競賽、報告,我們也願意和你分享如何魔術表演、參與模擬聯合國社、吉他社、籃球校隊、做美食、幫助弱勢團體……等等!因為人生不只是念書吧!


“One might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other, or might be a master in his own special field.” Stay tuned! We don’t mean to bore you with the “old” saying.

The point to drive home here is that one should stay hungry and foolish in the face of incoming challenges. Where you invest your time and effort is the field in which you will get far.

Think Simple Academy arms you with essential competencies to cope with the ever-changing curriculum and education system. Not only can we empower you to ace all kinds of tests, but do so in an efficient way that helps free up your time for ample opportunities other than academic ones. Clubs, hangouts, and sports, to name just a few, are of utmost importance for vivid high school life.

Most importantly, we bring seasoned mentors on board to assist you with admission to your dream school, enabling you to live the story you want to tell, and achieve a milestone in your life.

In the past, we might have heard of unproven claims from teachers. For instance, playing basketball during break time poses harm to academic performance. Or, gaming spoils the nature of a child. From time to time, you were under the impression that somewhat you don’t see eye to eye with your teachers.

Many of our teaching members in Think Simple Academy were granted course exemption back in their school days. This allowed more time for self-directed learning in the area they are truly into. Come and join us! You can also learn in an efficient way like they did.

You may have come short of laying a solid academic foundation, but still struggling with making improvements in your studies while finding yourself lost in looking for effective learning methods. Come and join us! You are welcomed with open arms.

At Think Simple Academy, we have more to offer than exam-taking techniques, pressure resistance training, and competition prepping. Alternative learning experiences are made available here, ranging from live magic performances to clubs of Model United Nations, guitar, gastronomy, and more. 

This is what Think Simple Academy was set up for. Here, you will be guided to think up and build up simple yet effective strategies to stand out from the crowds, and to add fruitful colors to your youth.